What is a Virtual Retirement Village, exactly?

A Virtual Retirement Village, or VRV, is an online aged-care service tool, designed to provide easy access to a wide range of cost-effective yet professional, in-home care services to those wishing to retire in their own homes.

The USA, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the Netherlands are amongst a select few to offer VRV services to the public and now New Zealand is finally on its way to enjoying the very same benefits.

As we get older, we inevitably become less capable of performing life’s more arduous tasks and, with that in mind, it is great to know that by just clicking a button, you can arrange to have a local specialist pay you a visit and lend a helping hand for all your needs. 

A New & Intuitive Solution For Your Everyday Issues As We Get Older

Through the Nest Healthcare Virtual Retirement Village, you can expect quick and easy access to all of the following and more, all through your computer or mobile phone…

Help with any housework and gardening | Transport from your home to any local shops, entertainment centres, parks and more | Someone to check in on your and your home's safety and security | Assistance with electrical appliances | Recreational activities including tailored exercise routines and yoga | Maintenance Services and for household repairs | Access to a range of personal alarms, security devices and mobility aids | Once-off, daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services | Personal counselling from local caregivers | Advice and support following a loss in the family | Companionship and a means to socialize on a personal level | Respite care for the sick

To find out more about Nest Neighbourhood or ask any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling  0800 800 353  or simply message us.

Through our wealth of caregiving experience and by integrating support from an expansive network of professional , aged-care specialists, healthcare providers, local traders and volunteers, Nest Healthcare strives to have its Virtual Retirement Village become the number one support resource for New Zealand's elderly community.



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